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Great story-telling with an authentic flavor to the army bits and a seamless blending of scifi and fantasy. Can't wait to read the next two volumes!

JG Jerome via Amazon


Really enjoyed this second book. On to the third loving this world and all it’s heroes and villains. Warlord Benjamin Colt and his crew kick ass and take names. Barsoom and John Carter live!!!!

Makr Kram via Amazon


Better then JC, but in the spirit that I believe the movie was trying to capture, I doubt people know how dangerous our SF lives are in the defense of democracy, well written, 5 stars,highly recommended!!!!!

Rover16 via Amazon

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I’m John Spears and I write under the name Doc, the tag I’ve been known by since my first Special Forces A-team. The books I write draw on a lifetime of lessons acquired the hard way. What I learned in my years in SF gave me the tools to endure the lengthy process it took to become an orthopedic spine surgeon.


I’ve been fortunate and grateful to have touched so many lives as a doctor and through my work in the defense industry. When it’s possible, I’ll share glimpses here about my job training assaulters and snipers and other interesting things I have going on, as well as news about my books.


I was a kid when I got introduced to science fiction and learned the maxim that stuck with me for a lifetime—specialization is for insects. Little did adolescent me imagine where sci-fi would inspire me to go; from Green Beret to doctor to science fiction writer. It seems fitting that I’ve come full circle, creating stories to entertain and provoke us to think about how we’ll rise or fall when facing the fantastic possibilities awaiting us.



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